Hire global talent seamlessly
anywhere in the world.
Via helps companies of all sizes hire and pay international teams with on-the-ground employment support. Our platform makes local hiring, benefits, payroll, and immigration seamless and compliant. Whether you're looking to hire 1 contractor in a different country or build a hub of 100+ full-time employees abroad, Via can help you grow your global team.
Why companies go global
Building a global team comes with many benefits, including lower employment costs, higher employee satisfaction, and access to the world’s top talent. By going global and fostering diversity in the workplace, your team will find new and innovative ways to tackle problems, which can improve your business’s products and services.
But hiring globally comes with its own set of challenges, including:
  • Establishing an entity 

  • Misclassification risks

  • Localizing benefits in each country 

  • Missed or delayed payments and other payroll errors

Sounds complicated, right?

That’s why companies are partnering with Via
In a matter of hours, Via can help you hire anyone anywhere as your local employer-of-record (EOR). We’re the official employer on paper, which means we hire your employees compliantly through our fully-owned local entities. From onboarding to offboarding, we provide the best local benefit options, work tools, and even swag – we’ll help you make your local team feel like part of your global family.

The entire process is simple and fast:

  1. Find the candidate

  2. Onboard the candidate with our platform

  3. We take responsibility for processing payroll, administering benefits, and remaining compliant with country-specific laws.

To help you get started, we just need to have a quick call to better understand your global expansion needs. Please leave your information, and someone from our team will reach out to you