Working towards a more connected world

Via is a digital EOR platform that makes onboarding workers across the globe and building hubs in new countries seamless for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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The technology that enables us to work remotely is here - but the technology to allow companies and people anywhere to find each other and engage in work contracts compliantly, no matter where they are or what type of work they are doing, is still far behind. We are changing that. We envision a world where companies can hire people anywhere in minutes, no matter where they are.

We are excited to help companies hire people across more places and become more global and diverse - and in doing so create high quality work across more places.

Co-Founders of Via Build a more connected world by enabling companies to hire globally.

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We're grateful to have world-class investors supporting us in this journey.

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We make it simple to hire across countries, so you can focus on running your global business