Compliance is our responsibility, not yours

Keeping people processes compliant in a foreign country can be an HR headache. Labor laws in foreign countries are constantly changing, which means sudden HR and compliance challenges arise without notice. We make sure that your employees remain compliant throughout their time with the company, from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between. Our team and network of legal and HR experts know the ins and outs of employment laws in foreign countries so that you can focus on what matters: running your business.

We make compliance easy

Hiring compliantly across borders means adhering strictly to all local employment, payroll, benefits and other regulations in a given country. By working with Via, you can avoid figuring out how to keep your business compliant across borders–and paying costly fines for any missteps.

Local employment contractsLocal labor law regulationsPayroll and Payment compliancePrivacy and securityStatutory benefits selectionLocal state, federal taxesWorker terminationsGrant workers ESOPs or RSUs

Compliant setup, process, and contracts – all in a few clicks

Our platform helps keep you up to speed with changing employment laws. We make sure that your employees remain compliant throughout their employment by automating and embedding compliant hiring employment practices in each employee contract, payroll, and other processes.

Via Global PEOVia Global PEO

Our expert local teams have your back

When an outlier scenario pops up, such as an unusual claim or termination, Via has your back. Our in-person, local team is responsible for making sure that your business remains compliant.

Partnering with Via doesn’t mean navigating issues alone with a dashboard. Our local team has the answers to any questions that might come up.

We take on liability as your Employer of Record

As your Employer of Record (EOR), Via assumes full responsibility for ensuring that your team remains in compliance with local labor laws, tax regimes, and other regulations. You are simply responsible for the day-to-day managerial oversight of workers. We take the frustrating part out of building your international team so that you can focus on running your business.

Best-in-class data privacy and security

Via’s infrastructure and data protection meet or exceed industry privacy and security standards. We employ encryption at rest and in transit across all of our servers, databases, and storage services. User data is only accessible by designated owners. Internal mechanisms allow us to continuously identify sensitive data like personally identifiable information (PPI), as well as evaluate security and administrative access controls. We comply with each country’s local data privacy and security measures.

Best-in-class insurance for extra protection

We offer all of the statutory required insurance products, as well as locally relevant insurance add-ons that further protect your business against unpredictable events, such as worker claims and workplace accidents.

Extra insurance protection

EPLI (employment practice liability insurance)Health and medical insurance above statutoryGeneral accidentals / liability insuranceDirectors insuranceOther locally relevant insurance

We make it simple to hire across countries, so you can focus on running your global business