Keep your team happy and healthy

Building a high-performing global team is more than just making payroll. With Via, you can offer your team competitive health and financial benefits in every market.

Benefits of doing benefits with Via

With Via, you can offer workers best-in-class benefits in every country.

Our benefits are local

Local benefits vary from country to country, which means a one-size-fits-all global approach doesn’t work. We make sure that you offer competitive compensation packages in each market so that you can compete for the best talent.

Save money with group benefits

Companies that partner with Via receive group discounts for benefit packages across all markets. When you sign up with Via, you save.

Tailored benefits plans for your team

Choose from a curated list of locally relevant packages so that your teams receive the health and financial benefits they deserve.

Support from local specialists, anytime

Providing local benefits is complicated. Our benefits specialist team is there to support you as you make benefits decisions in each market.

Best-in-class benefits for your team in every country

Workers compensation

All statutory worker compensation benefits (e.g., statutory health insurance) are included.

Health insurance

Option to add non-statutory health insurance with range of plans and carriers.

Dental & vision

Option to add non-statutory dental & vision with range of plans and carriers.


Option to offer your team equity plans, such as ESOPs or RSUs.

Pension and savings plans

Option to add retirement and other savings plans.

Payroll advances and financial benefits

Offer your employees the chance to get paid early.

Build the right benefits package in a few clicks

Understanding how benefits and insurance work in other countries can be overwhelming. With the help of our platform and specialists, Via provides you with the information to build country-specific benefits packages so that you can best support your team. Your employees can access their benefits information anytime, right from our platform.

Why benefits matter

Providing competitive benefits boosts employee motivation, happiness, retention, and your ability to hire top notch talent. Benefits are not “optional” or simple add-ons; they are a “must have” to build the best teams. Via is here to guide you in making locally relevant decisions for your team across different geographies.

We make it simple to hire across countries, so you can focus on running your global business