International Background Checks

Run international background checks seamlessly

International background checks can help you verify education, work history, documents, and more across multiple countries.

More companies are hiring employees based in foreign countries, or who have lived, worked, and studied abroad. For many companies, conducting an international background check–as opposed to just a US-based one–is becoming necessary to confirm key information about a candidate, such as educational history, previous work experience, and any criminal background or record.

However, conducting background checks in multiple countries need to comply with a variety of local and international regulations, including data regulations such as GDPR, as well as general data protection. Some countries (including Brazil) have strict rules on what information prospective employers can access and use while making employment decisions.

Not complying with laws in the United States like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) can lead to heavy fines and other legal consequences, slowing down your staffing efforts.

What is an international background check?

International background check services are conducted by some employers to confirm educational and employment background abroad, as well as check country-specific criminal records, global watch lists, driving records, and other relevant databases.

Some countries allow companies to make hiring decisions based on foreign databases, whereas others do not. You will need to know each country’s laws to retain compliance. In general, employers use international background to confirm employment and education history so that they can feel confident that the candidate has the right skills, qualifications, and experiences to succeed in the new role.

What is included in international background check services?

Most background checks can include a wide number of different components, with most covering:

  • Identity and address history to know where applicant has lived

  • Previous names, including maiden name, to confirm applicant’s information

  • Criminal record and criminal background checks, including pending cases

  • Employment history, with dates employed and official job title

  • Education verifications for college and post-graduate credentials, with attendance dates and type of degree

  • Other verifications More comprehensive screening services might offer the following information as well:

  • Driving record, for employees that need to use a vehicle

  • Global watch lists

  • Credit reports

  • Industry-based screenings

  • Sanction searches

  • Directorship searches

  • Drug testing

  • International education verification

  • International employment record

  • International criminal record

  • Motor vehicle records

Companies are more likely to conduct a comprehensive background check for specialized roles or management positions, including executives. Most background check services and providers allow you to customize your searches, since not all information is relevant for each role. The type of background check you choose will depend on home country, job clearance, available reference checks, and other factors.

Most background checks can be completed in a day or two. In general, you will need to do the following:

  • Determine what checks are needed (pre-employment screening)

  • Research laws in specific countries to confirm what types of background checks are legal

  • Get approval from the candidate

  • Cross check with references and order reports

  • Review findings Some countries might require you to provide additional forms as well.

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What does an international background check show?

International background checks can show criminal history, global watch lists, education, employment verification in and out of the US.

Do background checks show crimes in other countries?

Each country has different approaches for handling criminal records, so it depends on the international laws. In general, no. check with your tools specific database.

Can you do a background check on someone in another country?

You can usually perform a background screening for workers that lived, studied, or worked in a different country. Some international background checks include databases from over 100 companies. However, some countries, including Brazil, have strict laws that limit how employers can use background checks in the hiring process.

How are international background checks done?

International background check providers access records from every country where the prospective employee has lived, worked, or attended school. For international background checks, employers usually customize the search to include requirements, such as criminal and education history.

Can I do a background on a non US citizen?

You will not be able to conduct a background check on a non-US citizen who does not have a valid social security number. You might be able to search by visa/Green Card Number, but this will keep your international results limited.

What is a global background check?

A global background check searches international databases across the world for criminal records, terrorists watchlists, and education & employment history abroad.

We make it simple to hire across countries, so you can focus on running your global business