Via Partners

Why companies partner with Via

We help companies across industries compliantly hire, onboard, pay, and care for international workers without setting up an entity or building a local HR team.

Together, we can help our customers grow globally

Companies are going global at an unprecedented rate. As an EOR provider, we help any company compliantly hire workers across borders in less than 24 hours.


Personalized support for your clients

Whether your clients are looking to create a long-term growth plan or need support with a difficult HR situation, our support team is there to help.

Custom Solutions

Customizable solution for companies of all sizes

Your clients can create customized compensation packages and contracts, as well as add other white-glove services, such as visa sponsorship support.


Easy-to-use platform

With the Via platform, your clients can manage payroll, benefits, time sheets, taxes, reimbursements, and more for workers in 150+ countries–all in one place.

How Via can help your customers


Law firms and legal experts

We help your international clients hire compliantly without opening a local entity.

Capital Desktop

Immigration lawyers

We sponsor work visa & permits for your clients’ international employees so they can seamlessly build their global teams.

Payroll Desktop (1)

Payroll and benefits specialists

We connect international companies with leading local payroll and benefits providers.


VCs and other investors

We support our investors’ portfolio companies when they decide to onboard, hire, pay, and care for workers across borders.


Recruiters and headhunters

We help your clients compliantly hire top talent in countries where they don’t have a local entity.


Equipment distributors

Our technology partners equip your international workers with laptops and other supplies.

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Partner with Via today

Talk to us today. We’re looking forward to collaborating with you and better serving your international customers.