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Your Guide to Hire Developers and Software Engineers in Bogotá

Jun 7th, 2023

As one of the most important cities economically, culturally, and politically in Colombia and South America, Bogotá plays a key role in international business across Latin America, especially in the startup world.

It’s no surprise that Colombia's capital city is also home to some of the world’s top tech talent, including software developers, software engineers, UX designers, and other professionals. Indeed, Bogotá is one of the top talent pools to hire full-time and contracted developers and software engineers in Latin America. 

Interested in building your tech team in Bogotá? Check out our guide to learn 1) why companies are recruiting top tech talent in the Colombian capital and 2) how to hire developers and software engineers in Bogotá with an EOR.

How many developers are there in Bogotá?

There are more than 85,000 tech professionals, mostly software engineers and developers, working in Bogotá. 

What do developers in Bogotá do?

Developers in Bogotá are like developers elsewhere. They are responsible for:

  • Developing, testing, and debugging code

  • Mobile app development

  • Building integrations with other tools

  • Creating software applications and using javascript for websites

  • Researching new tools and technology trends 

Startup scene in Bogotá

Even before the pandemic, the Colombian government and Colombian businesses were betting on digital transformation and investing in startups. 

Today, Bogotá has over 1000 startups and over 50 venture capitalist firms, with more incubators, Latin American entrepreneurs, and accelerators moving to the city each month. The Latin American city is home to a number of tech unicorns, including Rappi, Globan, and Habi. 

In the first 6 months of 2022, startups in Bogotá raised $1.078 billion in total capital, meaning that the Colombian capital has become a place where software engineers and other tech workers can build their portfolios, gain new skills, and launch tech careers in the country’s booming IT sector and software development space.

For companies based outside of Colombia, this investment in startups and technology means there is more top tech talent than ever before available for hire in the country. 

Why companies hire developers in Bogotá

For businesses looking to find new talent and establish themselves in the Colombian market, hiring developers, software engineers, and top tech talent in Bogotá comes with many advantages.

Highly educated population 

Bogotá, sometimes referred to as the Athens of South America, is home to more than 100 colleges and universities, including the prestigious Universidad Nacional Sede Bogotá (UNAL) and Universidad de los Andes.

Most universities require English courses, meaning that a large majority of university graduates are bilingual. 

Fast internet

Bogotá has some of the fastest internet in Latin America, with better broadband than most cities in Argentina, Mexico, and Peru. 

Co-working spaces

Remote workers in Bogotá can connect with other Colombians, expats, and digital nomads in co-working spaces like WeWork in Chico or Selina in Chapinero. This is a great option for companies looking to build a hub in Colombia but aren’t ready to open an office quite yet. 

Lower employer costs 

The cost of living is significantly lower in Bogotá than most cities in the US or Europe, meaning that you can both save on employer costs while offering competitive local salaries. This makes it easier for businesses to recruit and retain top talent. 

Central airport

Bogotá’s airport, El Dorado International Airport, is the country's busiest and one of the most common points business travelers pass through when flying into Latin America. For this reason, Bogotá is home to a number of international enterprises. 

Types of developers and tech professionals and working in Bogota

As the largest city in Colombia, Bogotá is home to a diverse range of tech professionals and you have ample opportunity to find the right for your business needs. Some common professionals include: 

  • Software engineers

  • UX/UI designers

  • Project managers

  • Developers 

  • C# developers 

  • Application developers

  • Game developers

  • Mobile app developers 

  • JavaScript developers

  • PHP developers

  • Go developers

  • WordPress developers

  • Blog developers

  • .NET developers

  • AngularJS developers 

  • NodeJS developers 

How to recruit developers in Bogota

To recruit software engineers, developers, and other tech professionals in Bogotá, companies can use job boards and post a job, partner with recruiting partners, network, or consult other platforms.

  • Standard job boards: LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Jobatus, Bumeran, Konzerta, TheMuse

  • Colombian job boards: Opcionempleo, Computrabajo, La red, Empleo, Buscojobs, CompuTrabajo, Computrabajo Colombia, Jobomas

  • Remote-focused job boards: Workana, Jobbatical, Guru, Freelancer, Toptal, FlexJobs,, Hubstaff Talent, WeWorkRemotely, AngelList, RemoteOK, Virtual Vocations

  • Freelance platforms: Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer 

  • Developer sites: Github, Stack Overflow

  • Recruiting agencies

Salary ranges for developers and software engineers in Bogotá

Salary ranges for developers in the software engineer range depend on years of experience.

  • Most junior developers make between $277-$705 USD per month or $3,324-$8,460 USD annually. For contractors, the rate is around $10-$18 per hour.

  • Mid-level developers can make $1,094-$1,775 USD per month, or $13,128-$21,300 USD annually. 

  • Senior software engineers and developers developers can make as much as $26,000-$32,000 USD per year. For high level consultants, the hourly rate is around $50-$70 USD per hour.

Here’s a look at average developer salaries by programming language:

  • $15,000-$16,000 USD per year for NodeJS developer 

  • $14,000-$15,000 USD per year for JavaScript developers

  • $16,000-$17,000 USD per year for AngularJS developers

  • $12,000-$13,000 USD per year for PHP developers

  • $13,000-$14,000 USD per for WordPress developers 

How to hire with an EOR and build a tech hub 

If you’re ready to hire full-time developers and software engineers in Colombia but don’t have the time or resources to set up an entity or build a local HR team, then consider partnering with an EOR like Via to hire your team.

Companies that partner with an EOR recruit and build their teams. The EOR simply takes care of the paperwork, including onboarding, offboarding, payroll, benefits, taxes, employment contracts, ongoing compliance, and all other HR processes.

As your strategic partner abroad, an EOR can help you determine the right salary to offer candidates abroad to ensure that your compensation package is locally competitive. Learn more here

Why companies choose Via

As a global EOR provider, Via makes hiring Colombian talent and building your global team seamless. Instead of having to learn every specific nuance in every province, you can focus on finding the talent that fits your company. Whether you need to hire remote workers or independent contractors in Colombia, we support you throughout the entire process. Via helps you manage local HR processes for direct employment such as work visas & permits, benefits, payroll, background checks, and more. Our team of local labor lawyers and on-the-ground experts ensure that your company remains compliant while expanding abroad. As your employer-of-record/entity in Colombia, Via assumes responsibility for employment liability, so that you can focus on what matters: recruiting and managing your team. 

Need help building your global team?

Alex Torres
Alex Torres
Alex Torres is the Head of Content Marketing at Via. Previously, he's written for a number of startups, including Pathrise, Bubble, and Business Insider.

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