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Your Guide to Hire Developers and Software Engineers in Guadalajara

Jun 15th, 2023

Gudalajara, Mexico has gained prominence in recent years as the tech scene continues to migrate from the United States to Mexico. Located in the state of Jalisco and often referred to as the “Silicone Valley of Mexico,” Guadalajara is an excellent place for startups to find and hire developers and software engineers. 

Have you considered expanding your tech team in Guadalajara? 

Check out our guide here and learn more about why Guadalajara is shaping up to be one of Mexico’s tech capitals, and what process you need to know when hiring the best developers and software engineers in the area. 

How many developers are there in Guadalajara?

Mexico as a whole graduates 130,000 software engineers every year, thanks to their robust university system. Guadalajara alone is home to 40% of the IT industry, with over 100,000 jobs available in that sector and over 650 specialized companies located in Jalisco. 

Plus, Jalisco also has an extremely young population, with the average age of residents being 25 years or younger. Digital natives make up a big percentage of Guadalajara's population.

What do developers in Guadalajara do?

Software developers in Guadalajara perform various tasks and play a crucial role in Mexico's local tech industry.

  1. Software Development: Software developers in Guadalajara primarily focus on designing, coding, testing, and maintaining software applications. They work with programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, or others based on project requirements.

  2. Web Development: Web development is a prominent area of expertise for software developers. Web developers build web-based applications, websites, and APIs using technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and popular frameworks such as React, Angular, or Laravel.

  3. Mobile App Development: Mobile app and social media development is another key domain where software developers in Guadalajara excel. They create native or cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android using languages like Swift, Kotlin, Java, or frameworks like React Native or Flutter.

  4. Database Design and Management: Software developers handle database-related tasks, including designing and implementing database structures, writing SQL queries, optimizing the quality of database performance, and ensuring data integrity and security.

  5. Collaborative Development: Software developers in Guadalajara often work in teams, collaborating with other developers, designers, project managers, and stakeholders. They participate in code reviews, share knowledge, and contribute to the overall development process.

  6. Continuous Learning and Professional Development: Keeping up with technological advancements and industry trends is crucial across all industries for software developers. Guadalajara-based coders engage in continuous learning, explore new frameworks and tools, attend conferences, participate in workshops, and contribute to open-source projects.

  7. Agile Methodologies: Agile development methodologies like Scrum or Kanban are widely used by software developers in Guadalajara. Software engineers in Guadalajara participate in agile processes, including sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospectives, to ensure timely delivery and effective collaboration.

Startup scene in Guadalajara

In the 1960s, companies like Kodak, Motorola, and HP opened manufacturing operations in Guadalajara and paved the way for the tech revolution in the city. 

Along with Mexico City and the rest of Latin America, the startup scene in Guadalajara has expanded because of the country’s time zones, which make communication with the rest of of North America and Europe relatively seamless. This focus on tech has continued to grow. The city continuously welcomes innovation and creation throughout these industries. 

Right now, a number of tech companies operate and hire workers in Guadalajara, including:

  • HP 

  • IBM

  • Amazon

  • Dell 

  • Oracle

  • HCL

  • Flextronics

  • Toshiba

  • Microsoft

  • Google

  • Apple

  • Facebook

  • Netflix

  • LinkedIn

Industry diversity

Guadalajara's tech sector is not limited to a specific industry. It spans various sectors and services, including software development, hardware manufacturing, semiconductors, telecommunications, social media, aerospace, automotive, and electronics.

This diversity contributes to the overall strength and resilience of the tech scene.

International presence

Guadalajara has attracted attention from international tech companies and multinational businesses. Several global technology giants have established operations or research and development centers in the city, further boosting the tech ecosystem and creating job opportunities.

Why companies hire developers in Guadalajara

The tech scene in Guadalajara is vibrant, dynamic, and rapidly expanding. It offers a favorable environment for startups, a diverse range of industries, access to talent, and a supportive ecosystem that encourages innovation and collaboration.

Many companies find that recruiting and hiring developers and engineers, as well as creating a tech hub in Guadalajara, opens the door to opportunities throughout the rest of the Latin American marketplace. 

Government support

The local and federal government in Mexico has recognized the importance of the tech sector and has implemented initiatives and policies to foster its growth. These include tax incentives, grants, funding programs, and support for entrepreneurship and innovation. The cost to hire employees in Guadalajara is significantly lower than the US due to these incentives and policies. 

Talent pool

The city boasts a talented pool of tech professionals, including software developers, engineers, data scientists, and designers. Guadalajara is home to several prestigious universities and technical institutes that produce a steady stream of skilled graduates in fields like computer science, engineering, and technology-related disciplines.

Collaboration and networking

Guadalajara fosters a collaborative environment, with many organizations, institutions, and events focused on bringing the tech community together. There are co-working spaces, tech meetups, hackathons, conferences, and other networking opportunities where professionals can share knowledge, learn from each other, and establish valuable connections.

Tech parks and clusters

The city has dedicated tech parks and clusters, such as the Jalisco Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico de Jalisco) and the Guadalajara Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico de Guadalajara). These areas provide infrastructure, resources, and support for tech companies, startups, and research and development activities.

Types of developers and tech professionals working in Guadalajara

As a leading hub in Latin American and North America for developers and engineers, there is a wide range of tech professionals working in Guadalajara including: 

  • Software engineers

  • UX/UI designers

  • Project managers

  • Graphic designer 

  • Data analysis

  • Developers 

  • C# developers 

  • Application developers

  • Full-stack developers

  • Game developers

  • IOS developers

  • Cloud engineers

  • Mobile app developers 

  • JavaScript developers

  • PHP developers

  • Go developers

  • WordPress developers

  • .NET developers

  • AngularJS developers 

  • NodeJS developers 

How to recruit developers in Guadalajara

If you're looking to hire developers and software engineers in Guadalajara, Mexico, there are several approaches you can take. You should always make sure to craft competitive benefit policies.

 Here are some suggestions to help you find and attract talented professionals:

  1. Online job portals: Utilize popular job portals and websites specific to the Mexican market, such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and OCC Mundial. These platforms allow you to post job listings and reach a wide range of candidates actively looking for opportunities.

  2. University and college partnerships: Collaborate with universities and colleges in Guadalajara that have strong computer science or software engineering programs. Establish relationships with career centers, participate in job fairs, or offer internships to identify and recruit top graduates.

  3. Professional networks: Leverage your professional network, both online and offline, to spread the word about your hiring needs. Reach out to colleagues, friends, and industry connections who may know qualified individuals or can refer you to suitable candidates.

  4. Local software development companies: Explore partnerships with local software development companies or consulting firms. These organizations often have experienced developers and engineers who may be open to new opportunities.

  5. Partner with an EOR or a recruitment agency: Finally, companies can work with a recruitment agency or partner with a Mexico employer-of-record (EOR) like Via. Via can introduce businesses to local recruiters to help companies source top software developers in Guadalajara.

Salary ranges for developers and software engineers in Guadalajara

Salary range for software developers and engineers in Guadalajara vary depending on several factors, including years of experience, type of company, and specific skills and expertise: 

  • Junior Software Developer/Engineer: $13,000-$53,000 USD per year, or around $36,000 per year as a contractor

  • Intermediate Software Developer/Engineer: $13,000-$68,000 USD per year, or around $45,000 per year as a contractor

  • Senior Software Developer/Engineer: $21,000-$50,000 USD per year, or around $63,000 per years a contractor

  • Team Lead/Manager: $34,000- $80,000USD per year, or around $70,000 per years as a contractor

Here’s a look at average developer salaries by programming language:

  • $26,000-$45,000 USD per year for NodeJS developer 

  • $12,000-$40,000 USD per year for JavaScript developers

  • $13,000-$40,000 USD per year for AngularJS developers

  • $15,000-$45,000 USD per year for PHP developers

  • $14,000-$45,000 USD per for WordPress developers 

How to hire with an EOR and build tech hub 

If you’re starting to think about hiring full-time developers and software engineers in Guadalajara but don’t want to waste time or resources setting up an entity, you may have considered partnering with an EOR service provider like Via. 

Companies that partner with an EOR recruit and build their teams without the headache. The EOR simply takes care of the paperwork, including onboarding, offboarding, payroll, benefits, taxes, employment contracts, ongoing compliance, and all other HR processes. 

As your strategic partner abroad, an EOR can help you determine the right salary to offer candidates abroad to ensure that your compensation package is locally competitive. Learn more here

Why companies choose Via

As a global EOR provider, Via makes hiring Mexican talent and building your global team seamless. Instead of having to learn every specific nuance in every province, you can focus on finding the talent that fits your company. Whether you need to hire remote workers or independent contractors in Mexico, we support you throughout the entire process. Via helps you manage local HR processes for direct employment such as work visas & permits, benefits, payroll, background checks, and more. Our team of local labor lawyers and on-the-ground experts ensure that your company remains compliant while expanding abroad. As your employer-of-record/entity in Mexico, Via assumes responsibility for employment liability, so that you can focus on what matters: recruiting and managing your team. 

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