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Why Recruiters are Partnering with Via, a Hyperlocal EOR

Aug 31st, 2023

When companies decide to hire in a new country, they are often stuck on where to start. 

They might ask themselves,

  • Where can we find top talent?

  • How do we onboard new workers compliantly? 

A company might begin the process of hiring in a new country by connecting with local recruiters, but that doesn’t solve the problem of what happens after top talent has been identified. 

For this reason, when recruiters work with companies that are looking to expand internationally, it oftentimes makes sense for the recruiters themselves to partner with an EOR provider like Via. While the recruiter sources and identifies top talent, an EOR takes care of the onboarding paperwork, including managing payroll, benefits, compliance, and other HR processes. 

Why recruiters partner with Via

There are two main ways recruiting partners can work with Via:

  • Via refers you to clients that are looking to hire workers in different countries 

  • We help your clients hire international talent that you source, all without them needing to set up local legal entities.

Unlike other competitors in the recruiting space, Via’s services can complement yours and provide a better hiring experience for recruiting clients

5 benefits of partnering with an EOR provider

Here’s a look at 5 benefits local recruiters can offer clients by working with Via as their trusted EOR partner.

1. Provide end-to-end services for clients expanding abroad 

By working with a recruiting partner and an EOR, companies can recruit and build their teams without needing to find on-the-ground experts, create a local network, or go through the time-consuming task of setting up an entity.

2. Accelerate the onboarding process

As soon as your client decides to hire the talent you source, Via can begin the onboarding process, often in as little as 1-2 business days. Opening an entity, on the other hand, can take as long as 3-6+ months. In some cases, it can take over a year.

3. Help clients build & scale international teams to 20-100+ workers without an entity

Companies start to see the real benefits of hiring abroad when they build teams or hubs in a new country. While some EORs are focused on helping companies onboard 1 or 2 workers across 100+ countries, Via’s unique set of hyperlocal features enable businesses to build compliant hubs of 100+ workers.

4. Remain compliant with the help of local legal experts

Many companies find talent, but don’t have the infrastructure to onboard full-time employees. Instead, they hire them as contractors. However, in many countries, especially across Latin America and Europe, this can lead to serious fines related to misclassification.

With Via, you can rest assured that workers are remaining compliant with all relevant labor laws, which includes registering workers for social security, paying taxes, and offering all government protections.

5. Partner with local specialists for benefits, payroll, and more

When you work with an EOR, you can offer best-in-class benefits and seamless payroll. This is usually equivalent to what local employers in the region offer.

By offering a local employment experience with top benefits, your clients are better positioned to recruit and retain top talent, especially at higher levels such as Director, VP, and even C-Suite.

Key success factors to make your Via partnership the best possible

  • Client-centered processes. When you team up with Via, we make sure that your clients receive top service and satisfaction.

  • Dedicated partnerships team. Each partner works closely with a dedicated account manager, who can respond to any queries you may have.

  • Hyper-local expertise. Our team of local expansion specialists are available to support your referrals with the help they require, whenever they need it.

  • Global payroll solutions. With our customized payroll solutions, your referrals can be confident of precise, on-time global payroll and benefits.

  • Ongoing Compliance. Via bears risks and legal accountability. This provides additional security for your referrals, guaranteeing that they maintain full compliance with local labor laws.

Are you a recruiter who is interested in partnering with Via? If so, get in touch today.

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Alex Torres
Alex Torres
Alex Torres is the Head of Content Marketing at Via. Previously, he's written for a number of startups, including Pathrise, Bubble, and Business Insider.

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